Obtaining a quotation (even a basic off the shelf staircase) needs some input from our sales team so you will need to get in touch by phone or email. The price of each staircase is based on the shape, width / diameter, the floor to floor height, materials used and finishes. Each model has a guide price listed which is based on the standard model options, heights and finishes. For an exact price we will need to know-

1. The staircase model of interest
2. The shape of the stair (spiral, straight flight, quarter turn or half turn)
3. The finished floor to floor height (even an approximate will suffice for estimating as each stair is priced per tread /riser)
4. The stair width or diameter
5. The location of any walls (so we can include stair balustrade in the right place)
6. The material options for the treads and balustrade. (i.e. type of timber for treads , spindles / glass panels for the balustrade)
7. The length of any landing balustrade required

If you have any drawings they will show many of these measurements so please forward by email / post. We accept them in JPG or PDF formats. If you don‘t have any drawings, a rough sketch would be helpful and if possible a photo of the stairwell area.

To help with this we have prepared this brief terminology guide.

timber staircase

Any questions, please call the sales team on 0741529512 or pop into our showroom.