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Curved Timber Staircases (Geometrical Winding Staircase)

Curved timber staircases, also known as geometrical winding stairs, are good for large entries to make a statement. They are often the central feature of a room and add style and sophistication to your home. We generally recommend that this style of staircase is reserved for larger properties or homes as it does eat up a lot of the living space. Visit our Bundaberg showroom to see some examples of our curved timber staircases.

Our curved timber staircases come flat-packed and can be freighted anywhere within Australia. They are easy to re-assemble and anyone who has experience with basic DIY projects will be able to install the stairs themselves. Alternatively, ask our office staff about local installation.

Timber Staircase Specialists are a family-run business that have been building staircases since the 1970s; we have a level of experience and an eye for detail that you won’t find anywhere else and we believe in the quality of our workmanship so much that we offer a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty on all our products.

For more information regarding our curved timber staircases or to request a quote, please contact us today on 07 4152 9512.

Options available for curved staircases:

The customization available to be performed on your staircase is limitless; we’ve got numerous hand-rail designs, slats and balustrades, and we’re happy to work with any designs you have in mind, whether they are replicas of an existing design, or photos of something you’d like.

We’ll use any hardwood timber provided it can be laminated easily. We’ve got a broad selection of imported and Australian timbers including: American Oak, Philippine Mahogany, Spotted gum, Black Butt and Iron-bark (grey or red), Tasmanian oak, Durian, Queensland Maple and Vic Ash. For carpeted applications, we recommend using Knotty Pine, as it’s a sturdy, cheap wood.

While we can supply other timbers, if it’s an exotic or out of the ordinary timber, we may require additional notice before manufacturing; give us a call if you’re unsure.

Timber Staircase Designs are only limited by timber type availability and Australian Building Regulations. Almost anything you can imagine is possible!

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Curved Timber Staircase Quote

Get in touch to organise a quote for your curved timber staircase – give us a call on 07 4152 9512.

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