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Custom-Made Timber Mono-Stringer Staircases

The Mono-Stringer staircase is a bold design that features one single diagonal string in the middle that supports the stairs. It is often used in architecturally designed houses and office buildings as it has a minimalist yet industrial aesthetic. This style of staircase is one of our more premium products and is made-to-order using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

As with all our products, the mon-stringer staircase are available in a variety of different local and imported timber species. They are all designed and built to Australian safety standards and we ship them flat-packed Australia-wide. To see our full range of mono-string staircases we recommend visiting our Bundaberg showroom.

Contact Timber Staircase Specialists today on 07 4152 9512 for more information about the mono-stringer or to request a quote.

Ordering a Mono-Stringer Timber Staircase:

All our mono-stringer timber staircases are made to order and take approximately 2-3 weeks to build. Using an exotic timber or more customised design elements may extend this turn-around time however you will be informed of this prior to placing your order.

To place your order or request a quote, we will require either your house plans or a set of measurements which includes the height of your ceiling, the height difference between the two levels and any environmental elements such as windows, doors or hallways which may affect the staircase. We’ll also need to know your timber selection and whether you require any additional features such as balustrading.

Once you have placed your order and your new mono-stringer staircase has been built, we will freight it to you anywhere in Australia. It will arrive flat-packed with instructions on how to reassemble – we generally find that anyone with some DIY experience can assemble and install the stairs themselves however if you would prefer that a professional take care of the installation then we can put you in touch with a local builder or handyman.

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