Custom Timber Staircase Designs

The team at Timber Staircase Specialists have been building and manufacturing timber staircases for over 30 years. During that time we have created just about every single timber staircase design imaginable. All of our custom staircases are built to Australian design and safety standards and will last a lifetime or even generations if installed and maintained properly. Visit our Bundaberg showroom to see some examples of our quality workmanship and to discuss our capabilities and design options.

All of our existing staircase styles can be customised in regards to the timber, balustrade, handrail and knob selections. We can also re-create an existing design that you’ve seen online or from a photo. For more information or to request a quote for a custom staircase design, please contact Timber Staircase Specialists on  07 4152 9512.

Custom Staircase Options:

We have a huge range of design options available for you to customise your timber staircase – start by selecting the style of staircase that you want and then select the variety of timber that you would like the staircase to be made from. We can use any species of timber as long as it glues well however some of the more popular species include American Oak, Knotty Pine (our preferred option for carpeted applications), Philippine Mahogany, Spotted Gum, Black-butt, Iron-Bark, Tasmanian Oak, Queensland Maple, Vic Ash and Durian. Please note that some more exotic species may take longer to source.

Once you have selected the style and the timber for your new custom timber staircase, you will then have a huge range of different balustrades, slats, handrails and knobs to choose from to further customise your design.

Replicate an Existing Design:

Our team are more than happy to replicate an existing staircase design or style that you have seen somewhere else – just bring us in some images and we’ll manufacture the same staircase for your own home.

We’ll also need to know what species of timber you’d like to use and whether you’ll require any additional features such as balustrading or knobs.

If you approve the quote then we’ll start building your staircase. Typical turnaround time is 2-3 weeks. We then freight your new staircase to you anywhere in Australia where it will arrive flat-packed and ready to assemble for you or your builder.

Custom Timber Staircase Quote

Get in touch to discuss your custom timber staircase project and organise a quote – call 07 4152 9512.

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